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Unite to achieve great goals and dreams for a better future with the help of the company.

To train and provide knowledge and skills to meet the demand for products that will make the community and clients feel "safe, secure, and willing to use again".

Aim to be a best company that always adapts to the environment and improves each other.

President's Message

Ryotaro Sasaki, President

Utilizing my experience in the hospitality industry and as a confectionary baker, I am able to optimize the production capabilities of climb.

In 2008, after working in the hospitality industry, I joined Yume-Kobo, a company founded and run by my father, and initially worked as a confectioner to get to know the field.

This experience allows me to offer a variety of options and quick decision-making during a business meeting, much to the delight of our clients. When producing important prototypes, I instruct my staff through trial and error, and give them instructions on how to bring the client's requests to life as quickly as possible.

In August 2020, I will be appointed President and CEO, so recently I took the opportunity to talk with all of my staff about our future direction, and created a philosophy that could be shared with everyone. Afterwards, we changed the name of the company to match this philosophy.

We chose "climb" to symbolize this philosophy.

As the phrase "Climbing on our hands and feet" suggests, we will not forget our pride as a group of craftsmen while we realize our dream of "delivering climb products that live up to the name of the Hokkaido brand to the world", step by step.

Ryotaro Sasaki President

The Message in Products

Small but dreamy sweets


Company Profile

Trade Name climb Inc.
Chairman of the Board Kazuya Sasaki
President Ryotaro Sasaki
Location Sapporo-Shi Atsubetsu North, Atsubetsu-ku, 2-jyo 3-chome 1-1, Hokkaido, Japan
Phone 011-891-4003
FAX 011-891-4004
Establishment June 2003
Capital 8.5 million
Business Description Confectionery manufacturing and wholesale business
Trading Bank North Pacific Bank (Higashitunda and Shiraishi Chuo)
Employees 25 people
Current Status We manufacture commercial cakes made with ingredients from Hokkaido.
We have been manufacturing commercial cakes for 15 years, specializing in wholesale to food retailers, trading companies, hotels, and resorts nationwide.
Currently, we are engaged in a wide range of production, including the production of our own brand of original cakes as well as the production of confectionery under OEM contracts.

History of the company

June 2003
Yume Koubou, Inc. is established.
May 2020
Contactless cake sales by ticket vending machines started
August 2020
climb Inc.
Name Change
On August 3, 2020, climb Co. Ltd. (originally Yume Koubou Co., Ltd.) introduced its new executive officers with its simultaneous company name-change.
Representative Director and Chairman Sasaki Kazuya,
President Sasaki Ryotaro
April 2021
Installed Japan's first vending machine for frozen cakes
August 2021
Company relocation
December 2022

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