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OEM Concept

climb OEM can fulfill all your company's needs

  1. Seamlessly handling new products from planning to manufacturing
  2. Mass production capabilities
  3. Manufacturing according to recipe
  4. Products for arrangements

That's why we can produce the sweets you want with unparalleled speed and enthusiasm. We are also flexible with production size. Our company is extremely versatile.

Our artisans handle everything from planning to production. From high-end confections to cost-effective confections, we can always provide high quality service on a short notice. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

In addition, we value our customers who continue to work with us for a long time, even if it is a small lot. For this reason, we do not undertake limited-time products, one-off product development, or OEM, excluding existing products.

Case Studies

Company, Tsuji no Shoten Tsuji no Kura

Commissioned climb to plan and produce sweets with specific ingredients

I think the concept of the sweets we asked them to develop was something they had never made before, but they quickly made us a sample and responded to our requests. When they were able to give us an immediate answer about what they could and couldn't do, they showed us their experience with confectionery. They suggested we use an inexpensive and natural ingredient that did not harden after freezing, which solved our shelf-life problem and prevented product loss.

Tsuji no Kura
Chief Executive Officer Hiroshi Tsujino

Italian Cuisine Il Pino

They boast diverse product knowledge

After working with climb, I found them to be polite, honest, and responsive. When I explained what I wanted, they were able to draw on their vast product knowledge to give me great ideas. I think, in general, this knowledge gives them the ability to develop new products. Our company trusts them because they always see the quality of their products through, from beginning to end. I think many local restaurants find them useful because they can handle small lots

Owner and Chef Mie Kawabata

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Why climb is chosen

The Hokkaido Brand
We only use ingredients sourced from Hokkaido.
We can develop and mass produce products using these local ingredients.
Overwhelming Speed
We are able to handle the entire process from negotiation to production in a remarkably short time.
Because we handle everything from handcrafting to shipping in-house, we are flexible with desired lot sizes.
Quality Production
We always strive to leave the customer more than satisfied, so we will continue to provide new samples or alterations, until the customer is happy.

NB Export Service

Swiss Roll
Thin Roll Cake
Sheet Cake
Whole cake
Crema Catalana
Creamy Tiramisu
Baked Goods
Rich Custard Pudding

climb's Factory


Expanding product development with the Hokkaido brand

The products are planned and handmade by confectionary artisans with wheat, sugar, eggs, and pure cream, all from Hokkaido. Special equipment is available for mass production. Our advanced refrigeration technology allows us to ship products in-house without loss of quality, whether in Japan or overseas.


Safety and Security
The factory conducts monthly insect and rodent control measures.
We have introduced factory hygiene guidance by an external health agency.


Multiple air piston filling machine

Reduces variation in finish of a certain quantity, size, etc. Achieves mass production for both baking and dividing.


BAKKEN Nanban Kettle

Airtight and high quality baking.


Air-piston filling machine①

Able to meet production needs with constant quality, including the amount of cream.


Air-piston filling machine②

Able to meet production needs with constant quality, including the amount of cream.


Cutting machine

Accurate and hygienic cake cutting. Achieve constant quality and safety.


1 mixer for 60 courts and 3 mixers for 30 courts

Mixers that can be used for medium to large batches.


Two large blast chillers①

Rapid cooling and freezing to seal in the flavor and taste, ensuring food safety.


Two large blast chillers②

Rapid cooling and freezing to seal in the flavor and taste, ensuring food safety.


RATIONAL Steam Convection Rack Oven

Large gas ovens that enable mass production of various types of firing.


RATIONAL Steam Convection Oven

Large gas oven for various baking.


Instrument washer

High-temperature, high-pressure cleaning of large equipment provides excellent sterilization and enhances hygiene and safety.


Winter Halter (Dishwasher)

High temperature and high pressure washing for superior sterilization, improving hygiene and safety.